Dry Brushing

While my face is producing a ‘natural glow’ like a champ in this heat, the skin on my body is still as dry as ever and demands being slathered in body lotion and oils regularly.

Being as sensitive as it is, I really have to watch out for added fragrance or harsh ingredients in my body products, so by definition, a lot of scrubs tend to aggravate my skin and turn it an unsightly shade of red or – even worse – produce itchy bumps that feel like something between a rash and a sunburn.

In an effort to forego any dodgy products, I’ve turned towards Dry Brushing, which is, simply, brushing my body down with a dry massage brush before taking a shower.

Dry Brush I came across a detailed post about this by Helena of Brooklyn Blonde, who does an amazing job of explaining both the benefits and the process of dry brushing.

Basically, you just take long strokes towards your heart across the whole of your body (leaving out the more delicate parts obviously) and the rinse the dead skin off under the shower. The first few times, I found the brush to be a bit harsh, but if you adjust the pressure to your liking and take it easy at first, it’s actually a nice ritual and my skin has never felt this soft and taught before. I’m not sure if the claims of reducing cellulite are really true, but I found that the overall texture of my skin has improved a lot. It’s also nice to know that I’m not sending any additional chemicals down the drain by using a scrub and I would think that a brush is the most economic of exfoliating options.

Dry Brush_2

I picked my massage/dry brush up at a health store, but I’ve seen them at the drugstore too, so finding one you like shouldn’t be too big of a hassle. Just make sure that it has a nice grip and isn’t made too cheaply.


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