Music Monday #8

I stumbled across Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp through my (well-documented) love for Swedish artist Robyn. They have collaborated a lot of times, most recently with their Do it Again EP.

I always enjoyed the songs Robyn has done with them, so a while ago, I decided to look at the rest of their body of work and – no surpise here – I loved it. It’s pretty mellow, danceable electronic music that I love having on in the background while working. This may not sound very enticing, but in my opinion, it’s hard to find music that really gets you in the zone. Röyksopp’s songs have a beautifully uplifting quality that is just perfect for making me feel like ‘getting sh*t done’.

So, if you’re into electronic music but like something a little more inviting than sterile, cold dance beats, make sure to give Röyksopp a listen.


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