Style Wishlist 6/15

In an effort to update my (very monochrome) wardrobe, I’ve been compiling a neat little style wishlist to pinpoint what’s been missing.

As I’m not extremely experimental or prone to following trends when it comes to clothes, it’s mostly accessories that have made it onto the list:

Style Wishlist 6/15

Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses – I’ve been lusting after a new pair of sunglasses for a while now and these seem to fit the bill: classic but not too mainstream, these are a pair of Ray Ban’s that I won’t see on a million other faces, but they still look effortless and cool.

Bar Studs – after having removed my tunnels a few years ago, earrings haven’t been super high on my list, but a simple pair of studs that will go with everything are an absolute no-brainer.

Nike Air Max – the particular pair here was a limited edition from a while ago, but I do love the paisley print and am hoping to find something similar around the internet. If not, I think a pair of plain black Air Max will be a nice addition as well.

Gold Bangles – I’m looking to add a bit more variety to my wrists, which, at the moment, sport nothing but a simple black and gold watch, and a small gold bangle (or a few) might be the way to go. I do like these engraved ones by Christina Kober and the little encouraging message would be a nice everyday boost.


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