Recently #10

The past few weeks have seen me with a few more responsibilities than expected and therefore have been a bit more tiring than I would have wanted. As usual my overall health and especially my skin have reflected the stress, so I have been trying to give myself a few gentle reminders to take it slow and take care of myself.


Ottolenghi Jerusalem Cookbook

A big part of getting back on track has been the 30 Days of Yoga challenge by Yoga With Adriene, which is incredible. I am starting my second go-around of this program this week and even though I never considered myself a Yoga person, I absolutely love it.

Keep Cup

I also invested in a non-disposable coffee cup for on the go, the KeepCup. I don’t know where I first saw this, but I had been on the hunt for the limited edition cork cup for a while and I finally got one this past weekend. It’s pretty and functional, so I highly recommend!

Deskside Beauty

Finally, a lot of my time has been spent at my desk this month, so I’ve been trying to brighten up my space with a beautiful print from Lloyd Loves and a few trusty beauty goodies.


5 thoughts on “Recently #10

      1. It’s very relaxing and because I barely do cardio exercises, I do yoga to break a little sweat 🙂 how about you?

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