Clinique Soft Matte Lipstick

You guys know how much I appreciate a bold lip, but for the past few weeks, a nude pink has reigned supreme – the Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Beauty.

Clinique Soft Matte

This is the perfect nude shade for my pigmented lips, not too light, not to white-based, with a good amount of color but still neutral. It is a darkened pink that leans the slightest bit warm and really perks up the face. I’ve also seen this applied on several different skin tones and it seems to work well on everyone.

Clinique Matte Beauty

Formula-wise, the Soft Matte moniker really holds true. The lipstick glides onto the lips effortlessly and provides a matte but hydrating finish. Now because these are very soft and hydrating (albeit matte), they aren’t the most long-lasting lipsticks in my arsenal. However, a couple of blots between layers improve longevity a lot and I’m betting a suitable lip liner underneath would make this the perfect matte.

With a more neutral shade like this, I don’t mind the lack of lasting power, because you could probably reapply without a mirror, but I’m would hope that the bold colors provide a bit more staying power to make wearing them easier.

My real issue, which really comes down to me being super nit-picky, is the packaging. The lipstick is so fabulous and the tube really doesn’t reflect that. It looks very old fashioned and does not conform with the modern and innovative formula at all. I usually appreciate Clinique for their sleek, clinical packaging, but I think they might be due a make-over.

Anyway, in this case it really is what’s inside that counts and if you’re looking for a great everyday pink nude, make sure to check the Clinique counter.


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