Music Monday #7

Today’s Music Monday covers on of my favorite albums of all time – The Drips’ self-titled debut.

To me, this record is the essence of what Southern California punk sounds like and even though I couldn’t be much further away geographically, somehow, this encapsulates the feeling of summertime for me.

The Drips is a side project by members of a few different California punk bands (The Bronx, Distillers, etc.), so it has a hard-hitting and energetic quality that I adore.

This record was released in 2006, and even though I’ve had this on heavy rotation for almost a decade, it hasn’t lost any of its immediacy and appeal. The songs are so straightforward and fun, with great guitars and amazing drumbeats that make you (at least) bob along your head while listening. If I had to pick out a few standouts, my favorite songs would probably Fountains, I’m Gone, and M.I.L.K., but to be honest, this is one of the few albums that I thoroughly enjoy from start to finish.

You’ve probably seen some of these songs creep up in my monthly playlists, so make sure to check them out there and if you like them, give this record (and those of the bands related) a listen!


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