My Real Techniques Picks

Real Techniques brushes have been around for a good while and have really made a name for themselves in the beauty scene. Coming at an affordable price point with great quality, these make-up brushes were bound to become a hit and I myself have tried a fair few of them.

Real Techniques

I can’t say that there has been a real dud in the collection as far as I’ve tried it out, but there definitely are several brushes that have stood out for me.

The first two came in a set of special dual fiber brushes (actually a set of three, but the eye brush is pretty forgettable), and they are the Duo-Fiber Face Brush and Duo-Fiber Contour Brush.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush

The face brush is one that I love for applying bronzer as it does not pick up too much product, which is integral for bronzing, and disperses it nicely and effortlessly. The sparser white bristles make it super easy to blend out any harsh lines.

Real Tqchniques Duo Fiber Contour Brush

The contour brush is my favorite for powdering my t-zone and under eye area. Since I do prefer my face to look slightly dewy, I never usually apply powder all over and this small brush makes it easy to hit just the right spots without going overboard. Just like its bigger counterpart, it blends the product easily and makes it simple to avoid cakeface.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

For foundation application, my weapon of choice is the Expert Face Brush. I haven’t touched any other foundation brush since I got this and I use it for every type of base product. It buffs out bases easily without soaking up too much product or leaving behind streaks. This is also great for creamy cheek products, so I might have to pick up another one solely for that purpose.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Finally, the Setting Brush is a great one for under the eye. I like to blend out concealer with this little guy as it fits nicely into the area and makes it so very easy to quickly hide my dark circles. I also find that I tend not to go too heavy with concealer when using this brush as it buffs out product so nicely that you really don’t need a lot. My only gripe with this brush is that it has gotten slightly scratchier after multiple washes and it’s not as soft as it once was.

Other than that, since these are synthetic brushes, they wash extremely well and have held up nicely, even with permanent use. If you’re looking to build your brush collection on a budget or are just starting out with make-up, these are an amazing place to start.


3 thoughts on “My Real Techniques Picks

  1. i’ve just bought the setting brush and I use it for concealing under the eyes and I think it’s amazing! I bought a Sigma brush set and it didn’t come with a brush that did the same job! Definitely going to be in this months favourites haha! Great post 🙂 x

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