MAC Warm Soul

Even though I am firmly stuck in a bronzer appreciation phase right now, there is one blush that is a summer staple for me – MAC Warm Soul.

MAC Warm Soul

Part of their Mineralize collection, this is a beautiful baked blush with a good hit of shimmer. The shade is a reddish, warm beige (doesn’t that sound strange…) that warms up the face and adds a bit of summery, bronze-y glow without the need for many additional products.

I’ve had Warm Soul for a few years and I reach for it time and time again as soon as the weather warms up. As it imparts a beachy, sunkissed look, it’s not one for the colder months, but with the subtle sheen, it is perfect as soon as the sun comes out.

The MAC Mineralize blushes might not be the softest blushes on the market, especially when compared to the similar offerings by Hourglass etc., but I do think they are well worth their money. If you are looking for a new summer blush, Warm Soul is a pretty failsafe way to go.


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