Chanel Bronze Universel

With all the different bronzing options on the market, there’s one that drove the beauty community absolutely crazy a few years ago – the Chanel Bronze Universel.

Chanel Bronze Unversel

It is a very warm toned cream bronzer that gives a lovely sunkissed glow while looking very natural. Now as you know, I am extremely pale and I have heard that a lot of people find this to be too orange-toned on fair skin, but in my opinion, if you use a light hand, this should not be a problem.

Chanel Bronze Universel_2

I like to apply the Bronze Universel along the high points of the face with a dense buffing brush and really give it a good blend. Since it does read very warm, this is not one for contouring but if your face is lacking a bit of color, this cream bronzer is a great one to go for.

One thing however that might be offensive if you have sensitive skin is the smell. Now personally, I love the Chanel fragrance in their beauty products, but it does tend to linger and might be an irritant.

In general, Chanel is a very expensive beauty brand, but with the Bronze Universel, you really get a lot for your money. I’ve had this pot for a long time (maybe too long seeing as it is a cream) and a little product goes a long way here.


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