Hero Product #6: RMS Living Luminizer

Organic and natural beauty products have been on a real high during the last few years.

While I do think that there’s a lot of marketing fluff surrounding natural products, a lot of them really do deliver just as well or even better than their conventional counterparts.

Case in point is the RMS Living Luminizer. RMS is a very high-end organic beauty line that uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil.

RMS Living Luminizer

After having seen and read a ton of rave reviews on the Living Luminizer, I decided to pick it up as well and I haven’t been disappointed at all.

This cream highlighter provides a beautiful glow on the skin without any trace of glitter or shimmer. It is pure healthy shine that looks amazing in any light. The product itself is a pretty pearlescent cream that is easily blendable on the skin. I haven’t used it with a brush yet but it applies beautifully with the warmth of fingers.

RMS Living Luminizer_2

The only gripe I have with this is that with the contained coconut oil (which thankfully does not impart its scent on the product) the cream doesn’t really set and stays slightly tacky on the skin. I do like applying this to the high points of my cheekbones and seeing as I wear glasses on a daily basis, I do feel that there is a light transfer.

The finish however, is so beautiful that I will happily continue using this. The pot might seem small but you really do need just a little dab in order to get a great result, so I think it will last a good while.


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