Music Tuesday? (Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves)

This month’s Music Monday may have turned into a Music Tuesday, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

Gallows’ Orchestra of Wolves is a recent classic for me and in the years since its’ release (2006), it has shot to the top of my favorite records.

I have always been a huge punk and hardcore fan, so this record, which emulates the classic style of 70’s punk bands but provides a fresh and modern twist, is, in my opinion, one of the best punk records of the last decade.

This is the first of two records from the original line-up of the band and I am afraid to say that ever since the departure of Frank Carter (and, subsequently, his brother Steph), the band hasn’t delivered for me as it once did.

But I am happy to revisit this debut album of theirs again and again, as the songs are still as hard hitting and in your face as ever. My favorites from the record are the opening track Kill the Rhythm and Rolling with the Punches, which, at it’s core, is a song about hard work and ‘sticking with it’ that rings so true and is surprisingly uplifting. My all-time favorite, however, is In the Belly of a Shark, which is a straightforward hardcore punk song that has an awesome guitar riff and insane lyrics.

Also, if you are into this type of music, be sure to check out their sophomore effort, Grey Britain, which is an amazing concept album on the disillusionment with their own country.


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