Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

The more the sun has come out in the past few weeks, the less happy I have been with my more than pasty face. The thing is, whenever I do venture out into the sun, I don’t actually get a tan but just become more freckly.

Clarins Liquid Bronze

To combat this and develop a bit of ‘base color’, I have picked up a bottle of the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning lotion, which promises to gradually introduce a tan to the face with continued use. Full on self tanners freak me out completely because I am so very pale, but this is a pretty foolproof product. When used once, it really adds just a hint of color that lifts the face from deathly pale to somewhat human. With a few consecutive uses, it develops to a warm glow without any hint of patchiness or orange tone.

Now when I first got this, I was very careful to apply this very evenly with a cotton pad, as is instructed on the bottle. But with time, I found that you can be very slapdash in application and still get an even result, so now I just apply it like a face moisturizer and make sure to go over the neck and ears as well. Also, be careful about thoroughly washing your hands after as it has a tendency to leave a much more visible stain there. Thankfully, doesn’t develop that tell-tale self tanner stink, which is much appreciated since I can’t stand that smell at all.
So if you’re as pale as me and want to boost your color for spring, make sure to give this a go. It’s not the cheapest product out there, but it will last a good while.
PS: The actual remains of this product have been decanted into a pretty un-photogenic travel bottle, which is the result of a highly productive de-cluttering session from a few months ago.
PPS: I added a picture of the sunglasses I have been lusting after for good measure. They are the Ray Ban ‘Erika’ model if you are interested.

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