Urban Decay All Nighter

With a bit of a delay, I wanted to talk about my favorite setting spray today – the Urban Decay All Nighter.

Urban Decay All Nighter

I am not very versed in the world of make-up setting sprays, since they seem like a kind of nothing step to me, but a while ago, I decided to pick up a travel-sized version of this spray and I have enjoyed every last pump I got out of it. Before, I had only used the MAC Fix+, which has a nice scent, but the pump-action left something to be desired. It never misted the face properly but instead always dispersed a bit too much product in too direct a way.

This however, is the complete opposite. It is almost scentless, which I like, since I don’t need too many fragrances floating around my face that will only give me a headache. Also, the mist offered is very fine and settles on the skin quite nicely. If you have been a bit too heavy-handed with the powder, a setting-spray is a nice way to give the skin a bit of glow back and take away any cakeyness.
Even if I don’t powder, if find that the All Nighter gives a nice bit of longevity to my make-up which would otherwise have disappeared a lot earlier.

I also love the travel-size version, since it lasts forever and is so much more convenient than a big bottle. It also makes it easy to carry around for a quick refresh on the go, which will be nice in the upcoming warmer months.


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