Maybelline Brow Drama

Since running out of my beloved Hourglass Brow Pencil, I’ve been trying out a few different products on my brows, including the Maybelline Brow Drama.

Maybelline Brow Drama

This is a tinted brow gel from the drugstore with an interesting twist to its design. I picked the shade Dark Blond, as my hair is a bit lighter right now than usual and the darker colors looked a tad intimidating (and warm toned).

Brown Drama Dark Blond

I actually like the product – it’s not too tinted but gives a nice tone and shape to the brown without making them crispy. However, the ‘interesting’ shape of the wand makes it a strange experience to apply this. I don’t feel like I can get into the nooks and crannies of my brows completely, so there are always a few bald patches left at the end of the process. I’ve been tempted to just cut off the little sphere and try it that way, so I might do that and tell you how I get on in a future post.

Maybelline probably thought they were being innovative with this brow gel, but I find it to be too gimmicky and awkward to really be a hit. On the other hand, there are reviews that really praise this gel, so I guess it comes down to preference (and level of clumsiness, which in my case is really really high).


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