In the past couple of months, I noticed a strange phenomenon: almost every woman with longer hair I came across was wearing a phone cord-like contraption in place of a ponytail holder. When I saw one of those things on my sister-in-law, I finally decided to ask – what the hell is that thing?

The answer: an Invisibobble. These plastic hair ties claim to be very gentle on the hair and leave it without kinks. So obviously, I decided to try them out and ordered a three-pack of the clear ones.


Now, the first of the three already broke after a few weeks of use, which wasn’t impressive at all, but I have to say, I use hair ties all the time – when I’m at home (which is most of the time), I tie my hair up. At night, I also do, since I have this weird phobia of strangling myself with my hair. So I use them a lot. But still…

Invisibobble 2

Comfort-wise, they are nice. They don’t sit too tight around a ponytail but provide enough hold for my hair not to slip out. There are also no kinks to be found whenever I take the Invisibobble out, so there’s a marketing-claim come true.

All in all, I think they’re a bit overpriced for what they are, but I do like them more than these stretchy cloth ties that were all the rage a while ago.


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