Hero Product #5: Bioderma

I’m pretty sure Bioderma was one of the most talked about skincare products in the blogging world over the past few years. I myself have gone through many a bottle of this wondrous cleansing water and now I am ready to sing its praises.

At the moment, I have decanted the remains of my last bottle into a travel sized container as to clear up some space in my bathroom cabinet, but usually this comes in a humongous (if you’re going for the best value for money) pink topped bottle that I’m sure you’ve all seen before.


I like to use this to remove eye or lip make-up before cleansing in order to avoid smearing it all over my face. As I’ve said before, I like using an oil based cleanser to remove the bulk of face make-up but for a more precise removal or for cleaning up little messes during application, this is perfect.

It’s light as water and very mildly scented, so it is not irritating at all. Swiped across the face on a cotton pad, it makes for easy, quick make-up removal on even the laziest of nights. I wouldn’t want to miss this and I really think it is a cult product for a reason.

There are so many drugstore dupes for this by now, so if you’re on a tighter budget or Bioderma is a bit harder to come by for you, I’m sure you will find something comparable in your local store. But if you can get your hands on the real thing, go and grab a bottle or two.


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