Music Monday #4: Robyn – Body Talk

Today’s Music Monday focuses on one of my favorite artists of all time and their best release to date (in my humble opinion) – Robyn’s Body Talk.

This trilogy was released throughout 2010 in is still on of my favorite pieces of music to date. I listen to it all the time!

Body Talk Part 1 features the incredibly catchy single Dancing on My Own and an acoustic version of Hang with Me, which are songs that definitely wouldn’t feel out of date in a current radio rotation. Her other songs are just as catchy, but provide more of a EDM vibe that is so cool and makes the classic pop formula of her songs a lot more interesting. I also love the dancehall vibes of (the aptly named) Dancehall Queen and None of Dem. These are all songs that will get you moving and immediately put a smile on your face.

Her next release, Body Talk Part 2, features the single version of Hang with Me, which is one of my favorite songs to date and such a lovely statement on love and friendship. Other favorites include the Snoop Dogg feature U Should Know Better, which is equally as hilarious as it is cool. This is actually the first record of the trilogy that I checked out and the album that made me fall in love with Robyn in the first place, so it holds an extra special place in my music loving heart.

Finally, there’s Body Talk Part 3, which holds the last five songs of the trilogy and, I think, two of the coolest singles by Robyn ever – Indestructible (which is featured in an acoustic version on Part 2) and Call Your Girlfriend. Once again, they are danceable and fun, and bring the project to a close with a bang. Robyn and her team of writers and producers really show their insane ability for releasing incredibly current and interesting pop music with great melodies and lyrics.

I highly recommend you check out Robyn and if you do end up liking her as much as I do, give her latest EP Do It Again (in collaboration with Swedish producers Röyksopp) a listen. It’s a bit darker than Body Talk, but just as intriguing and very very cool.


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