Orly BB Creme

When the colder weather rolled around towards the end of last year, I decided to ditch the bright and vibrant polishes of summer and sultry vampy shades of fall (for the most part) and give my nails a well-deserved break.

What I came to find were slightly discolored and pretty weak nails that chipped and sometimes even peeled – they just didn’t feel very healthy. In an effort to nurse them back to health, I picked up a topical treatment by Orly with a somewhat unfortunate name: their BB Crème for nails.

Orly BB Creme

Now, I find the whole BB, CC, DD, EE etc. thing a bit annoying and overdone in make-up, but for nails it’s even more ridiculous, because even if I’ve had my fair share of blemishes in my time, I never found one on my nails. Maybe CC (Color Correcting) would have been a more fitting name, but I’m sure it would have annoyed me just as much.

That being said, the product itself is amazing. As I’ve mentioned above, it is a topical treatment that needs to be reapplied over a certain amount of time to see results. I’ve worn it a few times and even though my nails are still somewhat uneven in texture, their tone and strength has improved already.

Even more than its treating properties, I like the look of this product. It imparts a subtle peachy tone that makes the nails glow. I know it’s such an overused word, but here, it is true. My nails look incredibly healthy, clean, and chic without interfering with any outfit or occasion. If you’re in a conservative work environment that frowns upon strong nail colors, I would highly suggest you try this!

I usually apply two coats to achieve the desired opacity and reapply every few days, since the lasting power isn’t amazing (it is a treatment after all), but so far, I am beyond impressed.


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