The Mystery Brush

Something strange happened the other day – I picked up a random brush from my stash to blend out my concealer and when I checked to see what I had used, I didn’t recognize the brush at all.

Mystery Brush_1

Now I’m pretty sure I purchased it myself at some point but I cannot for the life of me remember when or where. I think it’s drugstore since I don’t know any brush lines (besides Sonia Kashuk, but that’s not readily available to me) that have white handles. It’s also held together by a grubby piece of tape, so I must have had it for a while.

Mystery Brush_2

The thing is – this brush is wonderful. I love it to blend out concealer as I said but it’s great for a more precise application of powder as well. It’s nice and fluffy and rather big, so I wouldn’t use it for eyes but for the face – especially the undereye area  – it’s amazing.

At first glance, I am reminded of the MAC 224, but I’ve never used that in person so I can’t compare. So here’s my question to you: do you know of any brush that appears to be similar to this? Budget or high end? I really do like this and with the whole tape-situation I’m not sure how long it will hold on, so please leave your recommendations in the comments! Thank you!


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