Back to Espresso

I’ve publicly confessed my love for the Hourglass Brow Arch Sculpting Pencil before, so it was a sad day this past weekend when it finally ran out. The pencil was a great way to fill in the brows quick and easy with a natural finish, but Hourglass is generally hard to come by for me, so in the meantime, I am back to old faithful – MAC Espresso Eyeshadow.

MAC Quad

As you can see, I have hit pan quite substantially on this product and I have had it for years, so value for money-wise it’s absolutely spot on. I use it in conjunction with a MAC 266, which works amazingly and provides precise but natural brows. I don’t find I need any brow gel either – the powder appears to hold up pretty well throughout the day on its own. But I have to say, I use it more for filling in than giving shape since my brows are pretty full anyway, so if you have a bit more work to do, you might want to set the brows or even use a pencil instead.

The only gripe I have with this is the color. Since I’ve gone considerably lighter with my hair in the past year, the dark (but still ashy) browns looks a bit harsh against my hair and pale skin. The tone of it is great, but I think a lighter shade would be the way to go.

So now I’m going back and forth between purchasing a different brow powder (any suggestions? MAC or other) or going for a pencil again. I’ve heard great reviews on the Burberry equivalent of the Arch Sculpting pencil, but the price tag on that is pretty luxe as well…


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