MAC 217

I think it’s an unspoken rule in the beauty community that you have to own at least one MAC 217 brush. Probably everyone has done a post about it, but I thought I would give you my opinion on this little beauty staple as well.

MAC 217

In my time as a beauty fanatic, I’ve purchased two of these bad boys and let me tell you, they are worth their money. In the pictures, you probably notice that the shape of the two brushes is a little bit different, but I think that’s more due to manufacturing than to aging. I’ve talked about my problems with the MAC 109 before in terms of shedding and I am happy to report that there’s no such issue with this brush.

MAC 217 Closeup

I use the MAC 217 for everything to do with eyes. Now I have to say I am not the best with eyeshadows and I will usually forego a intricate eye look in favor of a bold lip, but this little thing of beauty makes the tiny bit of eyeshadow I do apply go on beautifully and blend super easily.

You can use it for an all over swipe of color, a nicely blended out crease, smudging shadow under the eye or smoking up liner – it does it all. It’s a great size for a lot of purposes, so no matter what you do with it, you will get your money’s worth. I will probably pick up another one in the future, as I like to use them a lot but hate washing my brushes.

For those of you who don’t have one yet (I suspect that number to be very small), go pick one up right now! I know MAC products aren’t as popular and hyped as they used to be, but this is a staple from their collection that everybody needs to have.


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