Music Monday #3: FKA twigs – LP1

And we’re back with another Music Monday.

Today’s pick is a relatively new album that I have been absolutely obsessed with: FKA twigs – LP1. There have been a few songs creeping up on my monthly playlists and I can assure you, the whole record has been on heavy rotation here.

I think I stumbled across FKA twigs in a Google glass ad, which can only mean that once again, I’m extremely late to the party and this artist has already blown up big time. I completely understand her immense success, because this record is so modern and inspiring but remains true to a classic hip hop/r’n’b/pop-sound that makes it instantly recognizable and catchy.

What caught me about this album are the incredibly intricate but simple and sexy beats of Two Weeks, HoursVideo Girl, and Kicks to mention a few. The whole record is slow and sultry but interlaced with a danceable aesthetic that I’m sure stems from FKA twigs’ professional dance background.

I’m not sure why, but when listening to LP1, I cannot help but think of R’n’B-artist Aaliyah. It might be the soft vocals or the overall feel of the songs, but I think that FKA twigs has managed to transport the aesthetic of late-90’s/early 2000’s poppy R’n’B into her music, all while staying extremely current and innovative.

I’m pretty sure FKA twigs will stick around for a while and continue to deliver amazing tracks, so make sure you check this one out!



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