Quest for an Eye Cream

There’s a few categories of beauty products that I’m never quite sure really do something and eye cream is definitely one of them.

I have tried a fair few in my time and I know that my concealer sits better when I have applied an eye cream beforehand, but I don’t really know if any of them have done anything else besides that. I do have dark circles which are the bane of my existence, but I am fully aware that no eye cream in the world will be able to make them go away.

Products I’ve used before were the Lierac Diopticalm and the Avène Soothing Eye Cream. Both of them are nice, simple, and hydrating, but I’m in the market for something new.

Eye Creams

Right now, I’m working on some samples in order to reduce the stash before I try something new, but the things I used so far didn’t really hit the spot. The Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream was beautifully soft and moisturizing and made for a great base for concealer, but I’m not ready to shell out that kind of money for an eye cream in my twenties.

Then came the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which has been raved about by many a beauty blogger, but I just find it bizarre. It’s thick when you first apply it but then turns watery and kind of sticky, which I just cannot deal with. I really wanted to love this because Kiehl’s is a great brand, but I don’t think there will be a purchase of this particular product in the future.

Eye Cream Samples

So this is where you guys come in – please hit me with any recommendations for eye creams that you think I might want to try. You know what I’ve used and liked or disliked, so maybe there’s a hidden gem to be found in the comments. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Quest for an Eye Cream

  1. I used a sample of the Eve Lom eye lift cream, I did a blog on it and I found it amazing, and after using and buying a much much cheaper eye cream (seriously Eve Lom has a hefty price tag #gutted) the cheaper person doesn’t cut the mustard. I am seriously debating a big ‘investment’ x

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