Ojon Damage Reverse

Since chopping my hair off from mid-torso length to just right over my shoulders, I have been pretty consistent in getting regular haircuts. But with a lighter hair color and central heating, I have noticed that winter has taken its toll on my ends. My hair is dryer than usual and incredibly staticky, so I’ve decided to bust out an old favorite of mine – Ojon Damage Reverse.

Ojon Damage Reverse

It is a wonderfully lightweight hair oil that promises to heal damaged ends. Now I’m not sure that any product can actually reverse the damage done to what is essentially dead matter hanging down from our scalps but I found that while using this, my hair has looked and felt a lot more healthy and manageable.

Since my hair is very fine and doesn’t hold volume well at all, my main concern is using products that pack a punch but still feel light on the hair. I think Ojon delivers in this respect and makes my locks looks shiny without becoming limp.

Ojon Damage Reverse 2

That being said, you don’t need much of this at all, in fact, I would advise you to go with a few drops at a time instead of slathering on a lot.

The most unusual feature about this oil is the scent. It’s earthy and has clear herbal tones to it, which makes for an intriguing and noticeable fragrance. I absolutely love it, but if you are sensitive about scents (especially since hair holds on to smells forever) or prefer something more subtle or floral, I would give this a whiff before buying.


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