Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Diffused Light

It seems I’m getting a bit forgetful in my old age, since the posts have been a bit all over the place lately and I had totally forgotten to write about this little beauty, but here we are at last.

I’ve mentioned the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette before and I have had it forever, but the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light has been in my stash even longer, so I thought it was time I talk about it.

Hourglass Diffused Light

This one is a slightly yellow toned, light powder with a sheen that is great for dusting all over the skin as a finisher. When you look at it closely, you can see a bit of shimmer running through the product, but I don’t find it transfers onto the face.

The yellow hue ensures that my rosy cheeks and (bizarrely) ruddy forehead get toned down a bit and my make-up gets set in place without looking overly powdered. I don’t use this as regularly as my Chanel Les Beiges powder, because it is lighter in coverage, but if I am wearing a full on foundation and want to set it without adding a lot of extra product on top, this is great.

Since the Ambient range from Hourglass is so extensive, it’s quite hard to figure out which one to pick, but I figure between this and the palette, I am all set in the powder department. The blushes and bronzers however seem to be calling my name very loudly…


Winter Edit: Nails

Before winter takes its final bow, I am thoroughly enjoying dark nails to go with the dreary weather. While I’m longing for longer days and less snow, I do love a deep shade on my nails during this time of year. I’m not one for the glitters that make their rounds around Christmas, but a nice sultry cream shade is something I cannot fault.

As per usual, I go for Essie polishes to get my color fix. Since they reformulated their brushes, I find that Essie polishes just go on the easiest and their range of shades really has something for anyone.

Winter Nails

Some of these shades are limited edition, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to pick them up anymore, but they all veer on the edge of black, so it’s really a choice of undertone.

Essie Blue and Green

If I want to go for a not quite black but super vampy shade, I my first pick is After School Boy Blazer, a dark dark indigo blue that looks softer than a carbon black but still makes a huge impact,

For something a little different, I like Stylenomics, a deep mossy green that reveals its true color in the sunlight and makes for a great change from more classic dark shades.

Essie Red and Pink

Such a classic dark red wine color is Skirting the Issue, which I believe was part of a Christmas collection. I love this shade because it makes for super classy and chic nail. I think Essie Wicked might be a bit darker, but otherwise that would be a nice dupe from the permanent collection.

And finally, I’ve already mentioned Bahama Mama, which goes in the same vein as Skirting the Issue but has more of a warm purple/pink undertone. This is probably my most worn polish of this winter but also one that can ease me into a transition to lighter spring colors.

Back to Espresso

I’ve publicly confessed my love for the Hourglass Brow Arch Sculpting Pencil before, so it was a sad day this past weekend when it finally ran out. The pencil was a great way to fill in the brows quick and easy with a natural finish, but Hourglass is generally hard to come by for me, so in the meantime, I am back to old faithful – MAC Espresso Eyeshadow.

MAC Quad

As you can see, I have hit pan quite substantially on this product and I have had it for years, so value for money-wise it’s absolutely spot on. I use it in conjunction with a MAC 266, which works amazingly and provides precise but natural brows. I don’t find I need any brow gel either – the powder appears to hold up pretty well throughout the day on its own. But I have to say, I use it more for filling in than giving shape since my brows are pretty full anyway, so if you have a bit more work to do, you might want to set the brows or even use a pencil instead.

The only gripe I have with this is the color. Since I’ve gone considerably lighter with my hair in the past year, the dark (but still ashy) browns looks a bit harsh against my hair and pale skin. The tone of it is great, but I think a lighter shade would be the way to go.

So now I’m going back and forth between purchasing a different brow powder (any suggestions? MAC or other) or going for a pencil again. I’ve heard great reviews on the Burberry equivalent of the Arch Sculpting pencil, but the price tag on that is pretty luxe as well…

Recently #6

February has come and gone extremely fast and has been packed chockfull with work obligations, to-do lists and projects to work on.


I’m bringing the month to a close by moving out of my college apartment in preparation for a bigger change in location later this year, so the last week of February will be seeing me surrounded by boxes of random stuff. It really is astounding how much crap you can accumulate in a pretty short amount of time (I’ve been in my place for just short of 3 years).

I do however love purging stuff (see my Closet Revamp post for example) and rearranging, so I’m pretty stoked to do that come March. I’m hoping to figure out the new lighting by then, too, but expect there to be some changes and weird pictures – apologies in advance.


So between moving and trying to avoid the flu, the last few days of February will probably go by in a blur, but I am excited to move a bit closer towards the end of winter!

MAC 217

I think it’s an unspoken rule in the beauty community that you have to own at least one MAC 217 brush. Probably everyone has done a post about it, but I thought I would give you my opinion on this little beauty staple as well.

MAC 217

In my time as a beauty fanatic, I’ve purchased two of these bad boys and let me tell you, they are worth their money. In the pictures, you probably notice that the shape of the two brushes is a little bit different, but I think that’s more due to manufacturing than to aging. I’ve talked about my problems with the MAC 109 before in terms of shedding and I am happy to report that there’s no such issue with this brush.

MAC 217 Closeup

I use the MAC 217 for everything to do with eyes. Now I have to say I am not the best with eyeshadows and I will usually forego a intricate eye look in favor of a bold lip, but this little thing of beauty makes the tiny bit of eyeshadow I do apply go on beautifully and blend super easily.

You can use it for an all over swipe of color, a nicely blended out crease, smudging shadow under the eye or smoking up liner – it does it all. It’s a great size for a lot of purposes, so no matter what you do with it, you will get your money’s worth. I will probably pick up another one in the future, as I like to use them a lot but hate washing my brushes.

For those of you who don’t have one yet (I suspect that number to be very small), go pick one up right now! I know MAC products aren’t as popular and hyped as they used to be, but this is a staple from their collection that everybody needs to have.

Music Monday #3: FKA twigs – LP1

And we’re back with another Music Monday.

Today’s pick is a relatively new album that I have been absolutely obsessed with: FKA twigs – LP1. There have been a few songs creeping up on my monthly playlists and I can assure you, the whole record has been on heavy rotation here.

I think I stumbled across FKA twigs in a Google glass ad, which can only mean that once again, I’m extremely late to the party and this artist has already blown up big time. I completely understand her immense success, because this record is so modern and inspiring but remains true to a classic hip hop/r’n’b/pop-sound that makes it instantly recognizable and catchy.

What caught me about this album are the incredibly intricate but simple and sexy beats of Two Weeks, HoursVideo Girl, and Kicks to mention a few. The whole record is slow and sultry but interlaced with a danceable aesthetic that I’m sure stems from FKA twigs’ professional dance background.

I’m not sure why, but when listening to LP1, I cannot help but think of R’n’B-artist Aaliyah. It might be the soft vocals or the overall feel of the songs, but I think that FKA twigs has managed to transport the aesthetic of late-90’s/early 2000’s poppy R’n’B into her music, all while staying extremely current and innovative.

I’m pretty sure FKA twigs will stick around for a while and continue to deliver amazing tracks, so make sure you check this one out!