Love/Hate: MAC 109

One of my oldest and most well used tools in my collection is my MAC 109 brush.

MAC 109

On the MAC website it is called the ‘Small Contour Brush’ but for me it is my first choice for blush application. The size and shape of this brush makes for a precise blush application, which I like. It blends the product easily and ensure that the cheeks never look clownish or overdone.

MAC 109 Close Up

However, not all is well with this brush. My biggest gripe with the 109 is that even after years of use, it sheds like no other when I wash it. Now this hasn’t compromised the density or shape of the brush just yet (I don’t even know how this is possible) but it is kind of disheartening when such an expensive brush doesn’t appear to hold up very well. It’s also not the softest brush out there and since the market has become much more saturated with well-constructed brushes, especially in the lower-price sector, it seems like the MAC brushes (or this one at least) aren’t really up to date anymore.

I am not sure if there’s any comparable dupes to this brush out on the market, but I do like it very much and would like to find something similar that holds up a little better. Please send any recommendations my way!


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