2014 Favorites: Music

Today’s installment of favorites week will cover the best in music the past year had to offer. I didn’t actually listen to too many new releases in 2014, but there are a few amazing albums and longstanding favorite artists that deserve a spot on this list!

First up, La Dispute. I’ve already talked about their 2014 release Rooms of the House in a separate post, so it suffices to say that this has been one of the most touching and thought-provoking pieces of music from the past year. Their music has really stayed with me and reignited my love for the post-hardcore genre. I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

My summer jam has been Bombay Bicycle’s So Long, See You Tomorrow. An amazing, uplifting, and intricate album with beautiful melodies that embodies the spirit of summer but remains current through every listen. I think they have been well established in the indie scene for years, but their most recent release really has blown me away.

In a similar vein, I’d like to talk about singer/songwriter Lewis Watson, who has done amazing covers of several BBC songs but also writes and performs amazing original music that I’ve been following closely for years. His first full length album The Morning was released in 2014 and has been in constant rotation ever since.

2014 also was the year that I branched out a bit in my music tastes. I discovered both Giraffage and SBTRKT, both electronic music artists that produce amazing contemporary dance music with great vibes.

SBTRKT has brought out a new album called Wonder where We Land towards the end of the year, and much like with his earlier releases, his collaborations with singer Sampha (who has also worked with Drake on Nothing was the Same) are beyond amazing.

So there’s that, a peek into my favorite tunes of 2014. Let me know if you have loved any of the artists mentioned above as much as I have, or if you have any recommendation based on this concise little list.


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