Recently #4

Coming out of my food coma long enough to say ‘Hi, hope you had amazing holidays’ and announce my ideas for the beginning of the new year, along with some pictures of my Christmas loot.

Next week on Monday, we’ll start Favorites Week, covering everything that I loved in 2014 – from beauty to the most random bits.

The Christmas gifts I received were decidedly of the non-beauty variety, since I usually buy that stuff for myself. My lovely and generous parents gave me a wonderfully snuggly lambskin (which makes for a perfect blog photography background) and added to my vinyl collection by giving me the latest Perfume Genius album Too Bright on top.

Perfume Genius

Other lovely bits included a cute little china bowl from my cousin, which now holds my favorite nail polishes of the season (Essie Bahama Mama and Skirting the Issue came out on top here) and a beautiful handmade calendar with seasonal recipes from my Secret Santa.

China Bowl


Since 2015 is (thankfully) going to be travel-heavy, the rest of my family decided to stick with monetary gifts, which couldn’t have come at a better time and have already been invested more or less wisely.


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