The Holiday Lip – 3 Options

As I have mentioned before, I am much more of a bold lip girl than anything else make-up wise. So when the holidays roll around, I am tempted to put on my most festive lipsticks and make a statement. But with holidays come family meals, which Рin a worst case scenario Рcan lead to your bold lipstick being smeared  around your face in mere seconds.

Therefore, I tend to go with very matte offerings when doing a statement lip during the festive season. While they need a little more precision during application, they manage to stay put throughout a multi-course meal a lot better than creamier offerings.

Holiday Lipsticks

I’ve corralled three options for a holiday lip. Unintentionally, they all turned out to be MAC, but since my stash was built during my MAC-crazy early twenties, this comes as no surprise. There are of course a ton of great options by other brands, but here are my three picks:

The Nude – MAC Kinda Sexy

MAC KInda Sexy

Since my lips do have a lot of pigment naturally, I tend to go for darker nudes and this one is probably the most elegant and sophisticated in my collection. It is a warm-toned nude that makes a statement on the lips without being overbearing, so if you still want to go heavy on the eyes, this is the one to wear.

The Classic Red – MAC Russian Red

MAC Russian Red

A timeless, blue-toned red, this lipstick is my failsafe option whenever I want to go for a classic red pout. It’s a bit darker, so it goes perfectly with the wintery season and the formula sticks around forever.

The Vamp – MAC Diva

MAC Diva

Could this lipstick be more aptly named? Diva is a sexy burgundy that really packs a punch. It provides a dark and sultry lip without veering into goth territory and is a more surprising option than a classic red or pink. If you want a more purple-toned option of this lipstick, I highly recommend MAC Rebel, which is another great pick from the brand.

Holiday Lipsticks Swatches

With my lip options all set, I am beyond excited for the holidays – family, friends, and food, here I come!


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