MAC Antiqued

When going for a bold make-up look, I usually opt for a statement lip instead of a heavy eye. For one, I do have slightly hooded lids, so a perfectly executed blending job loses its effect as soon as I open my eyes. I also have pretty bad dark circles (no matter how much sleep and fresh air I get) and I find that dark, smoky colors tend to accentuate them and make me look even more tired.

But recently, I really have been into a warm, rusty haze on my lids that comes in the form of an oldie (but goodie) – MAC’s Antiqued eyeshadow.

MAC Antiqued

This has been in my collection for years, but hasn’t found much attention until a few weeks ago when – in an attempt of ‘shaking things up’ – I spontaneously decided to do a bold eye for a birthday party.

As I said, Antiqued is a warm reddish copper color that highlights the green tone in my hazel eyes very nicely. Paired with a smoky black liner , tons of mascara, and a good helping of concealer, it looks modern and very appropriate for this colder time of year.

MAC Quad

Since my rediscovery, it has become part of my MAC staples quad, which includes three other classic MAC shades – Espresso (perfect for brows), Nylon (great inner corner highlight but useless for anything else), and Pollinator, a limited edition color from 5 (!!!) years ago that I am determined to bust out again in the warmer months for a quick and neutral warm eye.

My newfound love for Antiqued eyeshadow is a perfect example of ‘shopping my stash’ gone right and has inspired me to be a little bit more daring with my make-up from now on. I’m pretty excited!


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