Chanel Les Beiges

When it comes to make-up, Chanel is probably as fancy and classic as it gets, so it really was just a matter of time until I talked about one of their products. If you are considering going the beauty route for Christmas, I would highly suggest checking out your local Chanel counter, as it’s very hard to go wrong with their luxe range, regardless of age or make-up preferences.

One of my favorite products from their range is the Les Beiges Powder Compact. It might not be the most exciting purchase to make at Chanel, but I really cannot fault this item.

Chanel Les Beiges

The color I use is No. 10, the lightest of the range. I generally use it to set my foundation or tinted moisturizer in order to get a more even application of bronzer and blush, and no matter how much of this you put on, it never looks heavy or cakey but manages to provide a natural glow to the skin. It doesn’t have a lot of coverage, but makes for a more long-lasting and even base that doesn’t interfere with the finish of whatever you’ve put on underneath.

Chanel Les Beiges No 10

The mirrored compact makes it a great handbag staple as well and the included brush isn’t actually half bad. I am glad that Chanel strayed from the usual sponge that comes with other powders because that would have made its way into the trash can a long time ago.

If you are a sucker for subtle and clean scents, I would highly suggest going with Chanel, as every product I have ever bought from them has really wowed me with its fragrance. If you’re sensitive however, I would strongly recommend testing the product out before buying it on order to avoid any reactions.



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