Going going gone: Oribe Maximista

This might just be the saddest post ever, because as I type, this little bottle of hair-plumping magic has found its way into the recycling bin.

I have been using the Oribe Maximista for a while now and have enjoyed it to its last drop.

Oribe MaximisTA

It is a volumizing spray that manages to add some height and grip to freshly washed hair. It is also the first Oribe product that I have ever purchased – and I am positively itching to try more (Dry Texturizing Spray, I am looking at you…).

The scent is wonderfully fresh and clean and the nozzle dispersed a fine mist throughout the roots. I used to apply this to towel-dried hair and after blowdrying, my hair did look a lot fuller and had a bit of texture to it that made it a lot easier to work with.

As Oribe is not readily available to me, I am now trying to find an adequate (and more reasonably priced) replacement for this product. So far, I have tried the Phyto Phytovolume Actif, but the herbal scent hasn’t been the most pleasant to use. So if you have any recommendations, please send them my way!



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