Style File #1: Quay Invaders

Sunny days might be few and far between at this time of year, but when I spotted this pair of sunglasses on an Instagram photo of Lauren Conrad, I knew I had to get them.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the Quay Invaders wouldn’t cost me a month’s rent but were actually rather affordable. You can order worldwide from their site, but I  got my pair on Asos.

Quay Australia - Invaders

They do come in several colors like gold or white, but I went with the classic black because I think that the shape makes enough of an impact. The frame is super light and comfortable to wear so these have quickly become my staple pair of sunglasses for sunny mornings or golden fall evenings.

Quay Invaders

While they are quirky, I think the cat-eye shape – though exaggerated – is classic enough to pair these with a multitude of looks. They definitely are something a little different and I am so glad to have snatched them up!


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