Sick Day Staples

As soon as October rolls around and a new semester begins, my body automatically seems to start a countdown to my first flu of the season. With many a train and bus ride, along with a few teaching responsibilities comes the inevitable exposure to a multitude of germs. I actually managed to hold out on getting sick until last week when the fatigue, headaches and coughing fits finally set in.

Along with copious amounts of tea, oranges and rest, there are a few staples that I depend on when I get sick.

Sick Day Staples

My face and hands turn into veritable deserts once the nose-blowing and mouth-breathing begins, so I do my best to keep the skin hydrated. The Weleda Cold Cream is something I have depended on for years. It’s not a very sexy product, but applied thickly to the nose and mouth area, as well as to feet and hands before bedtime, it manages to keep chapped skin at bay and relieve any tightness.

Weleda Cold Cream

I also include an oil into my skincare routine (during the colder months in general)and I have been loving the Trilogy Rosehip Oil for a while now. It smells heavenly of roses and sinks in quickly, leaving the skin supple and hydrated instead of tight and dry. It works great mixed in with moisturizer or patted into the face gently.


Finally, I like to have a good book and hot water bottle keep me company while I nurse myself back to health. Thankfully, I have been feeling a lot better in the last few days and managed to at least look put together thanks to my trusty sick day staples.



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