New In: theBalm Frat Boy

For a while now I’ve been lusting after the face products from theBalm, especially their highlighter Mary Lou-Manizer and the Frat Boy Blush. So when filling up my basket on during their sale, I decided to bite the bullet an get one of the two.

I picked up the blush, since my make-up drawer is chock full with highlighters (not that my blush collection is small by any means…) and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

theBalm Frat Boy

The cute packaging is very slim and made out of sturdy cardboard, so I’m hoping that it will hold up nicely. It houses a mirror (which I never use anyway) and a very decent amount of the product. The powder itself is super soft and applies evenly onto the skin. It’s a beautiful coral-ly pink that goes with most make-up looks and perks the face up without being to overbearing. What I like most about it however, is that while it doesn’t contain any shimmer, it’s not at all flat or dull but has a nice satin finish that makes the powder look natural and fresh on the skin.

theBalm Frat Boy Color

I think this might become a new everyday staple for me, since it is a subtle enough color to pair with a number of different looks. And while it is definitely a warm color, I can see it working with fall and winter appropriate make-up as well. So far, I am impressed by theBalm and I’m most definitely going to pick up more from them.


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