Recently #2

For no apparent reason, the last few weeks have been a bit of a toughie. I haven’t really been feeling up to snuff physically (and mentally), so my already substantial workload seemed insurmountable and left me feeling a bit worse for wear.

In an effort to turn things around, I started this week with a concise to do-list that helped me gain some perspective, which, combined with a visit from a dear friend, did the trick and made me feel myself again.




Seeing as I was in desperate need of some TLC, I treated myself to some nice pieces of home ware, like this cute little box and the beautiful (and signed!) John Green print from DFTBA Records.



Fall has been in full swing, so it was only right to dig up my favorite autumnal record of all times – Brand New’s Deja Entendu. I don’t know why, but this album always gives me visions of stately New England college campuses and walking through crisp and crunchy fall leaves. Having been first released in 2003, it also reminds me of my teenage years and how stoked I was to find music that meant so much to me during my formative years (as it still does).



Finally, fall seems to be birthday season, so I have been sneaking leftovers to my place like there’s no tomorrow. This was a particularly yummy slice of my auntie’s cheesecake, which was devoured on a dreary monday night.


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