Fall Edit: Diptyque Orange Chai

Fall is well on it’s way and much like everyone else, I am trying to make my home super comfortable and cozy with warm colors, heavy knits and – of course – candles.

I must have felt very splurge-y last winter when I picked up this dinky little Diptyque offerning called Orange Chai. I have always been attracted by their clean branding and sophisticated scents, but Diptyque’s prices really do make a student’s wallet weep. So I opted for the smaller version of this fall/winter candle and what can I say? It has been love ever since.


The scent is super warm and spicy, blending citrusy flavors with more earthy, festive tones. The nice thing about this candle is that it really fills a room quickly with its scent, so you don’t have to burn it forever to get an effect (especially if you are as sensitive to smells as good old migraine-prone me…). And obviously, the jar itself is a looker, straying from the usual black and white design of the candles and offering a very cute and fall-appropriate pop of color.

I am not sure on whether this is still available (I’ve checked the official Diptyque site, which says no, but I’ve seen it in several department stores’ online shops) but I had to give a shoutout to this cold month-staple.


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