What’s in my bag

Today I’m coming at you with a veritable blogger/vlogger classic – the good old ‘what’s in my bag’-post.

My everyday bag really isn’t anything special (much like all of my bags). It’s black, functional, and pretty simple.


It’s this little ASOS number that I got at the beginning of the year and aside from really packed days at school (that makes me sound really young, but I’m actually one of the older (oldest?) students traipsing around our college…), it is the perfect size for all of my stuff.


With me, I carry the essentials: wallet (Monki), keys (keychain from &other Stories), sunglasses, a pen (corresponding notebook not pictured) and a little bag of essentials.


My sunglasses are relatively old ones from Vans. They were pretty cheap but have proven to be surprisingly durable. I like that they have a bit of interest with the leopard panel on top but are neutral at the same time, so that I can wear them with anything. If I want something ‘fun’, I switch them out for a pair of red Bettsy Johnson frames that I found at T.J. Maxx years and years ago, but since I have to wear my prescription glasses most of the time (and cannot stand contacts), I only whip them out in emergency situations.

My little see-through pouch, which was a gift-with purchase, holds a few beauty products and things like blister plasters, tissues, ibuprofen etc (in the little glittery purse).

I’ve already talked about lip balms here, but other noteworthy beauty helpers include my grapefruit-scented hand sanitizer from The Body Shop, L’Occitane Hand Cream (I think this is the ‘original’ scent, but they do a lot of different ones) and my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which is a refresher/toner with a lovely herbal fragrance.


As you can see, I don’t carry too much stuff with me but I think I have all bases covered with my little selection.

PS: Of course I carry a phone with me as well, but since I’m sorely lacking in the DSLR department, I was using it to take these pictures…


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