Hero Product #3: Sephora Cream Lip Stain

On a trip to Sephora ealier this year, I had to add these beauties to my already overflowing basket. It might have been one of the best decisions (beauty wise) that I have ever made, because the Sephora Cream Lip Stains might just be the longest lasting lip products of all times.

I picked up the two bright mattes in the collection, since the other colors (shimmery purple and brown tones) did not float my boat at all. The ones I picked though, are utter perfection.

First up is No. 1 Always Red, which is a classic pillar box red that sits comfortably on the lips for hours. I wore this for a family function recently and got so many compliments and surprised looks after it stayed intact all through a delicious four-course meal. So even though application is a bit fussy (the lipgloss-like doe-foot applicator does not provide the most accurate lines), it is my go-to formula for all-day occasions.


The other color I fell in love with is No. 3 Strawberry Kissed. A brighter, pinker, and warmer tone, this is a perfect summer color that brings life to the face instantly. It is just as smooth and pigmented as its red counterpart and just as much of a showstopper.


Finally, here are some on-lip swatches of the colors, and even though the application is a (lot) bit slap-dash, I think the vibrancy and finish speaks for itself.


I couldn’t be more pleased with these lip products, but as I mentioned before, the color selection leaves a bit to be desired. I would love to see a matte fuchsia or orange-y coral in the future, but for now, my lips are all decked out in vibrant brights.


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