Fall Edit: Nails

I’m the first one to admit that I’m pretty crap at doing my nails. The last step in my routine is never topcoat, but damage control. I smudge, smear and chip, but that doesn’t keep my from buying new polishes like there’s no tomorrow.

Since my slapdash mode of application really does test a product, I actually have found a three-product-process that seems to work.


First off is basecoat, and for this I like to use the Orly Bonder.


It is dubbed a ‘rubberized basecoat’, which basically means that I provides a textured base that he nailpolish can cling to easily. From what I have experienced, this really helps with keeping chipping at bay, so I would totally recommend it.

For color, I chose Essie’s Bahama Mama. This is a new one to my collection (even though it has been part of their drugstore offering for a while now), and while I don’t think it is very aptly named, it is a gorgeous color for fall. A warm, dark pinkish purple, this really stands out on the nails and goes great with cozy knits and thicker coats.


The formula is great (as per usual) and the brush is wonderfully wide, which makes application super quick and efficient.

Finally, I tried something now on top – the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.


Sally Hansen is still pretty hard to come by around these parts, but when I saw this at the drugstore, I knew I had to try it out.

I’m not one for matte nails, so I do appreciate the high shine finish this gives, but drying time is really were it’s at here. I painted my nails with this combo right before sitting down to churn out this post and as I’m typing, they are completely dry to the touch. I haven’t been able to test out the longevity of both the color and the topcoat, but so far, I’m impressed.


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