Fall Edit: Blush

With fall fast approaching, I noticed a shift in the cheek products I was reaching for on a daily basis. Gone are the dewy cream formulas and bronzy, glistening shades. Instead, more earthy, warm tones have been on heavy rotation.


Here are the four shades that have made the cut and will be seeing me through the colder months. Of course, I am a very fickle human being, so there might be some more shuffling around in my collection in the coming weeks, but for now, these products are doing me very well.

MAC Powder Blush in Peaches and Buff


These two MAC shades have been in my stash for a long time and are staples that I come back to again and again. Peaches is, as the name suggests, a warm, matte, peachy orange that looks wonderful in conjunction with the residual summery freckles left on my cheeks.

Buff, on the other hand, is a beige-y reddish color that offers a more sculpting effect without having to bust out the heavy contours. I love this with bolder lipsticks, since it is a kind of nothing color that still provides definition but doesn’t clash.

Since both of these blushes are matte, I like to use a bit of highlighter on top to brighten up my skin. There are a few highlighting products I love, so a separate post might be in order


Bobbi Brown Blush in Nude Peach


This cheek color sits somewhere in between the MAC blushes in tone and is my best bet for a subtle everyday blush. Brightening and beautifying, this is as pretty as blushes get. Again, this doesn’t clash with any eye or lip looks and provides a bit of warmth to my pale complexion.


NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo in Deep Throat/Laguna 


Judging from the picture, I have busted this compact out mainly for its bronzer, which is a cult classic for a reason. But I am trying to make it a point to use Deep Throat more, since it is a beautiful color. A shimmery warm pink, this blush is great to perk up the face and bring a bit of light to it along with a pop of color. I think this will be a great option for the last of the warmer days of the year, so I am excited to use it more.


With the summery shades stashes away, I think this round-up will have me covered for any occasions this fall. It is, after all, my favorite season and I cannot wait for cozy knits, colorful leaves and dark lips. 


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